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Vasectomy is one of the safest, simplest and most effective methods of contraception, however, it should be considered a permanent operation. It is increasingly popular in the United Kingdom and is relied upon by more than half a million couples.

Handsworth Wood Medical Services - VasectomyYou can consider vasectomy if you have seriously thought about the implications of your decision and you are sure you have all the children you will ever want. This applies whether you are married, single, divorced, widowed, childless or with family regardless of age. Obviously, we would not suggest that you undergo a vasectomy if you have any current personal problems, or if this is generally not a good time for you to make irrevocable decisions.

Consultation and Procedure

We are able to arrange consultation and procedure on the same day with subsequent tests being sent through the post.

During the consultation you will be given the opportunity to discuss with one of our counsellors all the implications of the procedure. The operation takes a few minutes and involves the use of a local anaesthetic into the skin and making a small incision. The tubes are fused using cautery (a process sealing the tubes using heat). No internal or external stitches are used but a small dressing is applied to the site of the incision after the operation. You will be given full instructions of what to expect after your vasectomy.

Follow Up

You will be offered some general advice. A sample will be required at 12 and 14 weeks after the operation and once these are clear you will be informed that the operation was successful.

The Surgeons here have been trained by internationally renowned Marie Stopes experts.
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