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Occupational Health and Medical Services

Occupational health is a distinct branch of medicine concerned with the effect of the work place on an employee's health and the effect of an employee's health on their ability to do the job.

Handsworth Wood Medical Services - Occupational Health and Medical ServicesWhy Choose Occupational Health?

In a business environment of increased competition, legislation and litigation access to an occupational health service offers you the opportunity to both meet statutory requirements and explore concerns about employees' health and the work place with an independent healthcare professional.

Handsworth Wood has long established and broad experience in the provision of high quality occupational health services. Quality advice is founded on well-defined levels of competency and expertise. Our occupational health physicians and nurses have the distinct in depth skills to meet the needs of business.

HSE Appointed Doctors

Doctors at Handsworth Wood Medical Services Ltd are appointed by the Health and Safety Executive to fulfil the medical requirements of current Health & Safety legislation. The following medicals are STATUTORY requirements and are all available at Handsworth Wood Medical Services Ltd.Top


All personnel working with asbestos are required to have an annual medical, in some instances this will also require an X-ray. Where this is the case, Handsworth Wood Medical Services Ltd is ideally placed, having its own X-ray facility on site, thus reducing the time employees are away from the job. There is also a requirement that any potential employee has been assessed by a doctor for his fitness and suitability for the wearing of the necessary Personal Protective Equipment.


Workers exposed to lead are required to have their lead levels checked by means of a blood or urine test. The interval of these tests is dependent on the blood levels recorded, thus if the level rises the test will need to be carried out more frequently. These tests can be carried out at the surgery or if several employees are involved a company visit can be arranged.

Ionising Radiation

Workers employed in or to work with ionising radiation are required to be approved before employment in these areas by an assessment from a doctor. Thereafter they must have an annual medical to assess their continuing suitability for working in such environments.


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