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Health Screening and Medical Services

Whatever your Corporate objective we are able to work with you to provide an individually tailored Health Screening Service. To discuss your requirements further please contact us.

Handsworth Wood Medical Services - Health Screening and Medical ServicesWorkforce Health Screening

Every business relies on its workforce to undertake its activities and without fit, active and reliable staff any business will struggle to satisfy its customers.

Handsworth Wood Medical Services Ltd provide a complete range of tests to determine workforce health and will advise on any remedial actions necessary to protect that health.

Additionally medicals can be provided for Chauffeurs, HGV, Fork lift truck drivers and Offshore workers.Top

Executive Health Screening

We are able to offer health screening for men and women at their request. Health screening has been likened to having an MOT on a car, as a general check up to see if everything is functioning correctly.

For the health screening you will need to attend Handsworth Wood Medical Centre, where you will spend about ¾ hour with the Nurses while they perform ECG, Blood pressure, Body Mass testing and blood tests to check that the major organs of the body are functioning correctly. You will then spend approximately ¾ hour with a doctor who will perform a full history and full examination and discuss changes you should make to your lifestyle to make it healthier.

After the health screening, within two weeks you will receive a full report and a copy will be sent to your General Practitioner for his information.


X-ray examination is a well known method of diagnosing a wide range of health problems.

Handsworth Wood Medical Services Ltd is one of the few practices in the country to have its own radiograph facility. This means that any examination requiring X-ray can be done at the same time and at the same location as other tests, leading to greater convenience and reduced cost for the patient.Top

Blood Tests:

An extensive range of laboratory blood tests are available including tests for:-


A full blood count will check the number of circulating blood cells. A reduction in the number of red blood cells or iron deficiency is one type of anaemia, which causes symptoms of fatigue, breathlessness, dizzy spells and feeling weak.


Cholesterol is a lipid or fat and is an important substance in the body. Excess cholesterol is deposited in the artery walls and builds up forming plaques called atheroma, which narrows the blood vessels. High cholesterol levels can lead to cardio-vascular disease, which may be the result of poor diet.


Diabetes is a common disorder which results in high blood glucose levels. There are two types, Type 1 tends to affect the young and Type 2 which usually affects the over 40's. Type 2 may go undiagnosed or some time and may result in heart, kidney, eye and nerve disease but a simple blood test will give an early diagnosis and the appropriate treatment. Symptoms are thirst, passing more urine than usual, weight loss, lethargy, recurrent skin infections or thrush and visual changes.


Confidential testing is available.

Liver Function Tests

A blood test to detect early liver damage, a possible result of excessive alcohol consumption, which may prompt life style changes to prevent further damage.

Prostate Cancer Test

A blood test for men only, which checks the condition of the prostate gland. Prostate cancer is very common in older men but if detected early can be treated, however, an examination by a doctor is essential.


One of the most common sexually transmitted diseases has few readily recognisable symptoms and a urine test is a reliable way of detecting its presence. Subsequent remedial treatment can prevent the possibility of infertility.


A hearing test carried out with an audiometer while wearing headphones and used to detect any degree of hearing loss. Reduction of hearing may be gradual and age related or due to trauma, recurrent infection of the middle ear or as a result of prolonged exposure to noise.Top

Body Mass Index

BMI is the ratio of measured height and weight. The actual BMI is compared with a norm. Any increase could lead to heart disease, diabetes, osteo-arthritis and gallstones, while any weight loss may be an indicator of disease.


A resting ECG is a heart tracing which can detect rhythm abnormalities, heart strain and early signs of heart disease. Heart disease is the main cause of premature death in Britain.


Lung function tests which measure the expiratory rate and lung capacity and are an aid to diagnosis of chronic lung conditions such as Asthma, Chronic bronchitis and Emphysema.


For further information or to book an appointment call +44 (0)777 909 1406.Top