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Employment Health Services

Handsworth Wood has long established and broad experience in the provision of high quality employment health services.

Handsworth Wood Medical Services - Employment Health ServicesOur team have distinct, specialised skills in employment health and supported by knowledge of your workplace are able to provide a professional opinion to aid your management decisions.

Our occupational health team, working with you can:

  • Offer sound advice on compliance of legislation reduces the risk of costly prosecution and loss of image.
  • Help you to take positive steps to improve employee's health, benefiting recruitment and retention of staff, reducing staff turnover and enhancing your image.
  • Assess fitness for work prior to employment commencing and after periods of sickness, managing the rehabilitation of employees
  • Assess long term sickness and help you to manage absence.
  • Prevent unfounded compensation claims for work related illness and injury by early referral to occupational health experts.
  • Minimise incapacity or loss of employees through preventable ill health.Top

Legislation and Statutory Requirements

The occupational health team can work with your business, offering individual advice and support on implementing:

  • Disability and Discrimination Act
  • 6 Pack Legislation
  • Manual Handling at Work Regulations
  • Noise at Work Regulations
  • VDU Regulations

Pre-Employment Health Questionnaire

As part of the recruitment process and the offer of employment fitness for work may be determined by use of a pre-employment questionnaire.

The candidate will be required at the point of offer to complete a health questionnaire which will be reviewed by an occupational health Doctor. This questionnaire can be tailored to the job requirements as determined by your recruitment documents.

Based on the information given the Doctor will then report to you on the prospective employee's fitness for work and advise if they will need to carry out a pre-employment health assessment.

Information given in the document is confidential but the failure to disclose may be linked to the employment contract.Top

Pre-Employment Health Assessment

Where a completed pre-employment health questionnaire indicates an employee’s health may affect their ability to carry out their work the Doctor will recommend a pre employment health assessment.

The prospective employee will attend an appointment with an Occupational Health Doctor following which the company will be sent a confidential report relating to the employee's fitness for work advising any adjustments to the workplace that may be required.

Absence Assessment (Second Opinion)

As part of your management of employee sickness and absence advice may be sought from an Occupational Health Doctor.

Return to Work Assessment

An Occupational Health Doctor, who has specific knowledge of your working environment and practices, can provide a return to work plan customised to meet the specific needs and circumstances of an individual employee.

Fitness for Work Assessment

As Occupational Health Doctor, who as specific knowledge of the workplace and working practices to be able to advise employer's of fitness for work in the long and short term as part of your absence management policy.

Workplace Assessment

By visiting the workplace an Occupational Health Doctor can provide a structured review of an individual process or workstation giving advice on risk assessment in line with the Health and Safety at Work Act.

Travel Vaccinations

We can provide all vaccinations and advice for any of your employees who travel or work abroad through the medium of our Travel clinic.

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For further information or to book an appointment call +44 (0)777 909 1406.Top