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Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Services

We offer one of the most exciting developments in aesthetic (cosmetic) medicine. A highly purified form of protein can be used in cosmetic practice to relax the facial muscles which cause lines and wrinkles. It can therefore be used to reduce or even eliminate frown lines and crows feet and is extremely safe.

The method has also been used extremely successfully to treat excessive sweating, known as hyperhidrosis. This is particularly effective in excessive axillary (armpit) sweating, though it can also be used in the hands and feet. Recently the technique has been found to be very effective in the treatment of many cases of tension headache and even migraine.

Dr David Eccleston, a Partner at the Practice, has been using the technique for several years and is an acknowledged expert on the subject. In addition to his practice of the method at a number of clinics he is responsible for training other doctors in the use of the treatment and lectures on the subject both in the UK and abroad.



Before - Cosmetic Services

After - Cosmetic Services

Please telephone the surgery on 0121 523 7117 for further details.


Vitality Medical Spa Fees

Dermatology Clinic

  Adult new appointment £94
  Adult follow up appointment £46
  Child new appointment £103
  Child follow up appointment £57

Minor surgery

  Laser new appointment £96
  Laser follow up appointment £88
  CO2 Laser £457
  Axillary Botox £457

Rheumatology Clinic

  New appointment £182
  Follow up appointment £74.90
  Joint injection £74.90

Cosmetic Clinic

  Initial Consultation FREE
  Hair Removal
  Upper Lip £40
  Lower Lip £30
  Chin £40
  Cheeks & Sideburns £80
  Full Face & Neck £200
  Neck £80
  Arms (Full) £200
  Legs (Full) £400
  Underarms £60
  Back (Full) £400


  Face £50
  Upper Back £100

Other Services

  Warts/Verruca £60
  Thread Veins £100
  Veins Legs £120
  Sunspots £100
  Rejuvenation £120

Chemical Peel

  Gycolic Acid £60
  Salicylic Acid £60
  TCA £120
  Botox and fillers from £200
  Dermarollers £200
  Microdermabrasion £60