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Need a Canadian Visa-Medical?

Then Handsworth Medical Services can provide an efficient, professional one stop service.

As an approved centre of the Canadian High Commission HWMS are sanctioned to undertake visa medicals and x-ray examinations for those wishing to visit or live in Canada.

All the necessary medicals, x-rays and blood tests are all undertaken at the same appointment.

All the medical examinations are carried out by Senior Partners which means you benefit from over thirty years experience in this field. We know exactly what the High Commission are looking for and we use our knowledge and experience to ensure that where possible any potential issues are identified and dealt with during the initial consultation.

All of which means we can help you to overcome this final hurdle smoothly, efficiently and with as stress free as possible, not to mention more cheaply.

Situated close to the Birmingham City Centre we cater for both the Midlands Area and UK Nationally.

At Handsworth Wood Medical Services we offer appointments throughout the week including Saturday mornings so we can meet your needs whether you book well in advance or if you're in a hurry and need an appointment at relatively short notice.

You can book an appointment by calling our dedicated administration team on 0121 523 1807 or by e-mailing us at imm.meds@nhs.net and we will call you back.


When calling, please have the following details ready:

  • Name date of birth and contact details for each of the attendees
  • GP Details for each of the attendees

For more information from the Canadian High Commission on Visa health examinations click here.

What to bring to the examination:

  • A valid passport – we need this to proceed with the medical
  • Forms for Canadian medicals - Medical Report Section A OR Appendix C (for spouses visa) can be obtained via the Canadian Consulate.
  • Any prescription glasses or contact lenses that you may wear
  • Where you have a previously known medical condition, any specialist reports you have
  • Previous chest X-rays (if applicable)

Important notes regarding your appointment - please read

  • We are unable to act in an advisory capacity so you we recommend that you check the medical requirements of your visa application very carefully
  • As part of the health examination a blood test may be carried out
  • As a urine sample may be required, make sure you drink plenty of water prior to your appointment
  • Women should avoid booking an appointment during menstruation as this may taint the sample, if attending during this time, it is likely that your urine test will have blood present in and that you will have to come back at a future date to have your urine re-checked
  • Additional blood or urine tests may be required, depending on your intended activities in Canada or if abnormal findings are detected during the examination. These tests will incur an extra fee
  • A cancellation fee of £75 will apply if an appointment is cancelled within 3 working days. If you cancel your appointment on the day or you fail to attend, you will incur the full cost of the appointment


Price List HWMS
Adult 15 years & over £312.00
includes medical, x ray & HIV & VDRL  
Hepatitis B £42.00
required if have tattoos, medical professional or pregnant  
Hepatitis C £42.00
required if have tattoos or medical professional  
Medical professional total cost £396.00
includes medical, chest x ray  
Child 11 - 14 years £132.00
includes medical & x ray only  
Child under 11 years £60.00
General medical  
Aged 70 years + £374.40